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Welcome to our new South East Employers website. We have improved many aspects of the site including the look and feel, but most importantly its usability. We are...

Adult Social Care – the economic value

The Economic Value of the Adult Social Care Sector Adult social care employers contribute £46 billion to the UK economy ‘The Economic Value of the Adult Social Care...

Members Allowances

Councils are required to review their allowances’ scheme on a regular basis. SEE has many years’ experience in advising and assisting Councils on allowances, in two...

Mediation Services

Workplace Mediation is a confidential and informal way to resolve disagreements between people who work together. The process is assisted by a trained mediator who acts as a facilitator. The process works by encouraging the parties to speak to each other and reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will sort out their problems.

About us

We are a small team of Human Resources & Organisational Development consultants working across the public sector in the south east of England. Our organisation is not-for-profit so we are continually re-investing in the services and products we offer working with small and medium sized organisations and across the public sector in the south east of England.

Our services

HR Support

We are here to help you with your HR questions, support you to manage those challenging people related issues and provide resilience.

Free Resources

Useful information that you don’t need to be a SEE member to access.

Bringing you together

Bringing people and information together for the benefit of your organisation.


Learning and Development

We will work with you to meet your learning and development needs.

Support for Councillors

We provide comprehensive support for the development of Democratic Services and Councillors

SEE Jobs

SEE jobs is a signpost to local authority jobs within the south east region.


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