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Public health reform updates published

New public health system takes shape

23 Dec 2011

The Department of Health has just issued a series of update documents on public health which are available online and will be distributed through their networks.

The documents include:

  • Initial set of FAQs for public health staff who will potentially be transferring to local government (they will be developed as more issues are settled)
  • A summary factsheet on the new overall public health system
  • The Public Health England operating model
  • Factsheets on the role of local government including transferring responsibilities, commissioning etc.

The pace of publications and advice will pick up in January and it is expected that HR transition guidance for local authorities will be issued following detailed negotiations with health and local government unions. This advice will focus on dealing with staff moving into local government with the emphasis on local discretion.

There will also be a letter about the interim appointment of Directors of Public Health. The agreement is that this letter will be distributed on 4th January.

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