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We are employment and workforce consultants supporting public sector organisations and SMEs across the South East of England. We are a not-for-profit organisation constantly re-investing in our services and products.

Organisational Intelligence

InfiniStats is a secure and intelligent data repository accelerating accurate data collectionbenchmarking and reporting within organisations, for south east region councils.


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Latest news

Green Book updated

An updated version of the Green Book is now available. Continue Reading Green Book updated

Ukraine: heightened cyber threat

The Minister for Cyber Security encourages organisations to treat cyber security as a boardroom responsibility. Continue Reading Ukraine: heightened cyber threat

Cyber security qualifications

Cyber Security professional qualification grant funding extended to 8 April, 5pm. Continue Reading Cyber security qualifications

Latest blog

Autocomplete and data breaches

One of the most common incidents causing data breaches is sending an email to the wrong recipient… Continue Reading Autocomplete and data breaches

Apprenticeships – Myth Buster

Guest blog by Emma Robinson busting myths about apprenticeships. Continue Reading Apprenticeships – Myth Buster

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