Are women under-represented in tech? Last week South East Employers hosted our regular SEGWARP meeting with University of Wolverhampton. SEGWARP is one of a network of warning, advisory and reporting point groups that bring together IT security professionals in local government to share experience, knowledge and best practice. With my background in IT it’s part of my job that I really enjoy, spending the day in London talking tech with a great group of people I have had a part in bringing together.

Where are the women in tech?

As I looked round the room it struck me that of nearly 30, I was one of only two women. I think the most we have ever had in a meeting is three. So I wasn’t surprised to see this article today, stating that women only represent 19% of the technology industry. It also comes as the organisers of Ada Lovelace Day, encouraging girls to pursue STEM subjects, is appealing for sponsorship to keep their work going.

We need to keep breaking down the kinds of ancient stereotypes that girls do pink fluffy things and boys do science. Encourage your sisters, daughters and nieces. Make room for them and hear their contributions. And my fellow women in tech, here’s to us!

Sam Deane


What is SEGWARP? South East Government Warning, Advisory and Reporting Point (SEGWARP) is one of a number of groups around the country designed to bring together information security officers from local government. The aim is to provide a one-stop shop for early warning, information sharing and best-practice advice around the latest cyber-security threats.


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