With large parts of the population more politically engaged and divided than ever, councillors and officers are reporting an increase in hostility towards them carrying out their roles.  Working on the front line and with public-facing contact essential, public sector workers can feel very vulnerable. So how can councillors and officers handle intimidating behaviour?

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At the Local Government Association conference last week, new guidance was issued on how to handle intimidating behaviour.  Whilst the guidance is aimed at councillors specifically, it will be of use in any public-facing role. You can read all the guidelines here.

SEE plans to return to this topic with guidance from our own representatives on how they have handled difficult situations.

What is the Local Government Association?

A politically-led, cross-party organisation that works on behalf of councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice with national government. They aim to influence and set the political agenda on the issues that matter to councils enabling them to deliver local solutions to national problems.

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Who are SEE? We are a small team of Human Resources & Organisational Development consultants. We work across the public sector in the south east of England. Our organisation is not-for-profit so we are continually re-investing in the services and products we offer. We work with small and medium sized organisations and across the public sector in the south east of England.

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