There have been a few queries around the ‘Climate change day of action’ being suggested on 20 September. The LGA has responded with the following guidance.








There have been calls for workers to join a climate change day of action on 20 September. Although the focus of those calls is for workers to campaign in their workplace, should a worker want to stop work as a consequence during their normal working hours such action will not be part of a trade dispute and therefore any employee wishing to stop work will need to comply with the organisation’s applicable leave policy and the general principles around leave requests will apply. The employer can consider, applying its usual policies, whether or not it grants annual leave, unpaid leave or some form of special leave. The approach taken will obviously depend on the organisation’s stance in relation to the issue, the length of leave requested and the needs of service delivery.


On Friday, September 20th, students are taking to the streets across the UK to demand climate action at the Global Climate Strike. These strikes will take place shortly before the UN emergency climate summit to build support for the ambitious agenda needed to tackle the climate crisis


With 200 species going extinct every day and water scarcity affecting up to 360 million people, our objectives have never been more relevant.


Who are UKSCN?


UKSCN was set up by a small group of volunteers that were inspired by the powerful and direct protests made by young people against climate inaction across the rest of Europe. In particular, young climate activist Greta Thunberg’s speeches and ideas are central to their mission. This involves radically reforming the role and power of young people in national action against climate change. To achieve this, they employ strong and repeated student-led protest to promote the diverse voices calling for a common aim.





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