The Local Government Association has developed a new online self-assessment tool which builds on the previous stocktake. This is designed to support local authorities in evaluating their cyber security on an ongoing basis.

The tool will help local authorities to

  • assess what arrangements are currently in place,
  • identify good practice within the council or shared service, and
  • identify risks and areas for improvement.

The online self-assessment tool is now open and will be open until the end of November 2019. Find out more about the tool here.


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Cyber Security Self Assessment

Cyber security is a key issue for local government and all councils have a range of practices and policies for managing this. However, councils vary according to size, type of services, and how IT is delivered (e.g. outsourced, part of a shared services arrangement or in-house), resulting in different approaches to and levels of cyber security maturity.

What is Cyber Security?

For the purposes of this self assessment, cyber security is defined according to the National Audit Office’s definition, where cyber security is the activity required to protect an organisation’s computers, networks, programmes and data from unintended or unauthorised access, change or destruction via the internet or other communications systems or technologies. Effective cyber security relies on people and management processes, as well as technical controls


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South East Government Warning, Advisory and Reporting Point (SEGWARP) is one of a number of groups around the country designed to bring together information security officers from local government. The aim is to provide a one-stop shop for early warning, information sharing and best-practice advice around the latest cyber-security threats.

South East Employers runs SEGWARP in conjunction with a specialist WARP manager. We also have the co-operation of the LGA, other WARPs around the country, local resilience forums and specialist organisations such as the local Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU). Membership is open to all public sector organisations in our region. The WARP is operated on a not-for-profit basis and you can find out more about it here.

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