At the recent South East Regional Pay Briefing, Harry Honnor presented an LGS Pay Negotiations Update about the Trade Unions’ pay claim for 2020 and sought input from councils in our region. The response from the South East echoed the message that Harry had received from every region. The National Employers will be meeting on 5 November to receive and discuss the information collected from the regional pay briefings. An offer is unlikely to result from this meeting as this will be the first opportunity the National Employers will have to review and consider the feedback from councils.

a snapshot of a £5, £10 and £20 note

In addition, the National Employers may decide to await the outcome of Brexit and a possible General Election. Brexit brings uncertainty around the economic landscape, while a General Election will impact how the National Employers future proof the new 2019 pay spine points.

National Living Wage

The current Government has committed to a National Living Wage of £10.50 by 2024, applicable to all over 21’s. However, if we were to see a change of Government, Labour has committed to a £10 minimum wage for all workers over the age of 16 from 1 April 2020. Once an offer is made, negotiations are anticipated to be lengthy as there is likely to be a significant gap between the National Employers’ and Unions’ positions.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the LGS Pay Negotiations Update please contact the Employment Team.

The Law

SEE annual employment law update

SEE Law 2020 will be held at The Guildhall, Winchester on Tuesday, 28th January and Wednesday, 5 February. Brexit and a possible General Election are likely to influence the agenda so there is no programme currently available. If you have a topic you would like us to cover, then please get in touch by dropping us an email here and we will endeavour to include it in the event.

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