We recognise that this is a time for reflection, particularly for those doing things differently and perhaps planning for a future that is a little less certain, so we are offering some taster coaching sessions. SEE Coach Sue Noble is currently offering coaching support at a reduced rate during lockdown.

‘Unprecedented’ and ‘Uncertainty’ are two words we have heard plenty of over the past few weeks of lockdown. We are now in a further period of lockdown with no real idea of when all of this will be over. It is true that some organisations are planning on a gradual return to work however this is not always practical or possible for many businesses. So, we may be finding ourselves having to continue with the challenges that working from home brings. 

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Being supported with coaching has even more relevance now including the opportunity of talking with someone else outside of the organisation. The focus of these sessions is on your well-being and resilience and an opportunity for you to offload, stop, think and review what you are doing, how you are coping and what you may like to achieve. Or it can be useful to just talk and be listened to.

Your coach will encourage you to talk things through and make sense of what is going on for you without judgement or shame. You may not have an immediate goal in mind in which case these sessions can be used as ‘reflective space’ where you use the time to say out loud what is on your mind. Your coach is there to listen, remain unbiased and judgement free. Your coach is likely to ask you questions to help you to understand the underlying issue and to help you to find a solution which feels right for you.

Your coaching discussion is always confidential and will not be shared with another else.


How many sessions and for how long?

One session may be enough or you may wish to set up regular sessions until such time as you feel self-supported. Your coach will help you to think about self-coaching questions as part of this process.  During Lockdown these session will be via Zoom, Skype or another visual media of your choice. 

We recommend one hour sessions unless you think and feel a longer session would be more beneficial for you.


Coaching Experience

Your coach is Sue Noble, Owner, Director and Executive Coach at Noble Learning Ltd

Sue is qualified to Level 7 in Executive Coaching (ILM), has a Diploma in Coaching Supervision (CSA) and has 18 years experience in both coaching and leadership training

This rich experience enables Sue to provide a combination of transactional and transformational coaching where she uses a variety of coaching styles and techniques to facilitate the best in you. 

As a coaching professional Sue receives regular 121 coaching supervision and is a member of a long established supervision group in Sussex.


Virtual Coaching Lockdown Prices

We are offering a reduction to the price for our virtual coaching support sessions for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown. 

Each coaching session will last for a recommended one hour but can be longer if requested.

These prices are per person per session. The cost for longer sessions will be charged pro-rata.

Sessions will be invoiced following each coaching session. We are also open to be paid in advance for a set number of one hour sessions if that helps ease the number invoices to be processed.

£120 per hour(saving of £50 per hour)

Price includes a short email following the session to share key points.


What Next?

You can call us on 01962 840664 or email info@seemp.co.uk to book a session with Sue or to find out more about coaching support.

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