Kantar, an independent research organisation is conducting research on behalf of the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) to help create a social mobility employer’s toolkit specific to the public sector. The aim of the toolkit is to provide organisations with the tools they need to commit to and develop the socio-economic diversity of their workforce. It is a build on the recently published cross-industry toolkit edition, available to view here.  

The new public sector toolkit will highlight how effectively the sector is promoting socio-economic diversity and will provide guidance to help organisations improve. It will also include case studies from across the public sector to help bring the guidance to life.  

As a result, Kantar is looking to interview and write case studies on local authorities actively working on social mobility and who have successfully launched interventions or programmes to improve the socio-economic diversity of their workforce. They are particularly interested in local authorities who have worked on social mobility activities to do with:

  • Data: Understanding the current situation; informing activities; evaluating change
  • Culture and leadership: ensuring a compelling, shared vision across the organisation
  • Outreach: Maximising engagement with a wide range of prospective applicants
  • Hiring: Ensuring practices are accessible and equitable to all applicants
  • Progression: Supporting all staff to access opportunities to develop
  • Advocacy: Sharing practice, supporting peers and driving sector-wide change

This is a great opportunity for local authorities to be recognised and commended for their work in social mobility by being featured in a published toolkit by the SMC. It would only require a short 45-minute phone interview over the next couple of weeks and at a time of your convenience. The case study will be short and focused on actions you have taken; and they will of course get your approval for the content before it is finalised. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact the project manager, Gabriela Gross, at Kantar (Gabriela.Gross@kantar.com). Alternatively, you can also contact Ania Domanski at the SMC with any questions about the research and how it will be used (Ania.DOMANSKI@socialmobilitycommission.gov.uk).  

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