After an extremely challenging year, DHSC is looking to ensure that the extraordinary efforts of the adult social care workforce are considered for this year’s honours. DHSC is asking that nominations are submitted for those outstanding practitioners and care workers from the front line, especially those who have stood out for their contribution.

Anyone submitting a nomination is asked to address the following points:

  1. What projects or work has the nominee undertaken that is outstanding? What impact have they had on patients/residents, colleagues or the wider sector?
  2. What has changed because of the nominee? Would this have happened without them?
  3. Were these activities part of their day to day paid role or in addition to it (including voluntary work)?  If it is part of a paid role, how are they going above and beyond what they are expected to.

The deadline for submissions is 12 March 2021.

Close up portrait of smiling man standing in the outdoors while posing at the photo camera near the female volunteer

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