GMB have announced the results of its ‘Green Book’ pay consultation. Its members have voted to accept the employers’ final offer by 67% to 33%.

However, Unite and GMB have informed us that their members have voted to reject the employers’ final offer made to local authority Craftworkers.

To sum up the complete picture:

Local government services (‘Green Book’)

UNISON (65% to 35%) and GMB (67% to 33%) have accepted the final offer. Unite has rejected (78% to 22%). We must now await the full Trade Union Side meeting next Tue 1 Nov, at which they will discuss the results of their respective consultations and decide whether to formally accept the employers’ offer. See also highlighted text in my original email below.

Local authority Craftworkers (‘Red Book’)

Unite and GMB have rejected (“by a large majority”) the final offer. We await formal written confirmation and details of the unions’ next steps.

Local authority Chief Officers

We await the results of GMB’s and UNISON’s member consultations on the employers’ final offer.

Local authority Chief Executives

ALACE described the employers’ final offer as “exceptionally disappointing” and has submitted a revised pay claim that seeks, “…“a minimum percentage increase pitched at 3.5% or 4.0%…in order to retain at least some comparability with other groups in the public sector”. The National Employers will be responding to ALACE in the coming days.

From the LGA

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