The LGA have received from the JNC Trade Unions, the below 2023 pay claim for local authority Craftworker (‘Red Book’) employees.

Craft pay claim 2023

The claim seeks:

  • An increase in all pay rates and allowances of RPI (13.40 per cent ) + 2.0 per cent
  • A substantial additional increase to tool allowances and tool insurance cover
  • A recruitment and retention payment
  • Reduction in the basic working week to 35 hours, with no loss of earnings
  • An increase of two annual leave days
  • A payment for increasing use of technology (PDAs) and home energy systems around tools and vehicles.

NB: the most recent inflation figures, released by ONS on 18 Jan, confirms RPI was 13.40 per cent in Dec 22 (NB: since 2013, ONS has said “RPI does not meet the required standard for designation as a National Statistic, but in recognition that it continues to be widely used in contracts, we continue to publish the figure each month”).

From the LGA

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