We are exctied to announce we have launched a brand new podcast series this month called The HR Edit.

The podcast hosted by SEE colleagues, Helen and Sarah, takes one of the topics which we get asked about most to discuss each week. Helen and Sarah are joined by in-house HR guru Michelle and other guests throughout the eight episodes in series one.

In the first episode released on Thursday 11 May, Helen, Sarah and Michelle discuss the Disciplinary Process and Procedures in public sector organisations. Michelle gives insight to how and when Disciplinarys are used and why they should be used, she also gives us her advice on best practise. 

Y0u can listen to The HR Edit on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and it is coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts.

A transcript of each episode is also available on our website at seemp.co.uk/theHRedit.

The HR Edit podcast cover - Black text on teal background

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