The LGA received from the JNC Craft Trade Unions (Unite and GMB) the attached 2024 pay claim for local authority Craftworker (‘Red Book’) employees. The claim is for:

  • A 10 per cent or £3,000 increase in pay (flat-rate to increase with inner and outer London figures as a percentage)
  • A reduction of the working week to 35 hours with no loss of pay, and a reduction to 34 hours a week in London. A pilot scheme to be implemented across several authorities across England and Wales
  • An increase of two days annual leave days for all employees
  • A substantial additional increase in the tool allowances to at least make them competitive with the craftworker rate in the Republic of Ireland
  • For the Employer Side to negotiate over the introduction of a fair level of tool insurance cover as a Red Book requirement
  • Introduction of a use of technology allowance for all staff who are required to use home energy
  • A national agreement on use of technology, setting out a policy that all authorities must use as a minimum.

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