South East Employers have been working with HR and Building Control colleagues to assess the region’s readiness to meet the requirement for Building Control professionals to be registered with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) by 6 April 2024.  To achieve registration, professionals must either complete an assessment of competence or an examination.

A survey carried out in February of this year showed a majority of responding authorities had either no staff registered, or only a minority of their team registered.  Some authorities believed there was a high risk they would have no registered staff by 6 April 2024.


Concerns and barriers to registration were identified as:

  • lack of capacity in assessment bodies to carry out assessments and provide results with some applicants waiting several months to receive results
  • existing recruitment and retention issues in the profession meaning that teams are short staffed and do not have the time to set aside to spend on study for exams or compiling an assessment portfolio
  • the need for assessment causing significant stress to staff, many of whom have been out of education for some years
  • experienced staff choosing to exit the profession rather than go through registration

SEE organised a task group meeting to bring together member authorities to discuss the problems and identify possible solutions and opportunities for cross-authority working to support functions with low numbers of registered staff.  In addition, working with New Forest District Council’s Nick Ford, Building Control Manager and competence assessor, SEE hosted a webinar to demystify the competence assessment route, assisting those starting out on their registration process or still considering which route was most appropriate to them.

Separately, as a result of representations made to the BSR, the LGA and other stakeholders, a transition phase has been introduced in England, allowing more time for experienced professionals to complete their assessment.  Those registered with the BSR as Class 1 (Trainee) by 6 April 2024 now have until 6 July 2024 to complete a competence assessment to upgrade their registrations to Classes 2 or 3.  During this transition period, registration scope will be extended so individuals will be able to continue to undertake building control work for the class of RBI for which they are undertaking a competency assessment.  After 6 July 2024, individuals who are not registered at the appropriate class will no longer be able to work in building control.

SEE is also working with the LGA to ensure we can continue to support member authorities on this issue.

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