Our board

Our Executive Board is elected from the representatives of each of our full member councils.

Executive Board

Our Executive Board is chosen from representatives nominated by their councils.  The board is selected at the Annual General Meeting in July each year.

Headshot of Richard Burrett

Cllr Richard Burrett

West Sussex County Council

Chair, South East Employers

Headshot of Cllr James Swindlehurst

Cllr James Swindlehurst

Jason Brock headshot

Cllr Jason Brock

Headshot of Cllr Stuart Munro

Cllr Stuart Munro

Headshot of Paul Taylor

Cllr Paul Taylor

Headshot of Cllr Darren Sanders

Cllr Darren Sanders

SEE Representatives

Representatives are nominated for one year.  Nominations are invited from our member councils in May and June of each year.

Cllr Martin Lury

Arun District Council

Cllr Alan Pickering

Ashford Borough Council

Cllr Connie Nolan

Canterbury City Council

Cllr Rupert Simmons

East Sussex County Council

Cllr Andrew Burley

Elmbridge Borough Council

Cllr Trevor Cartwright MBE

Fareham Borough Council

Cllr Chris Carter

Gosport Borough Council

Cllr Paul Clarke

Horsham District Council

Cllr Robin Bradburn

Milton Keynes Council

Cllr David Hosking

Milton Keynes Council

Cllr Lauren Townsend

Milton Keynes Council

Cllr Barry Rickman

New Forest District Council

Cllr Andrew Mier

Rother District Council

Cllr Helen Firth

Wealden District Council

Cllr Garth Simpson

West Berkshire Council

Cllr Joanne Stewart

West Berkshire Council

Cllr Margot Power

Winchester City Council

Cllr Colin Kemp

Woking Borough Council

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