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South East Employers offers advice and support to members and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) with their Appraisals. Appraisals form the basis of an objective assessment of individual performance over time.

CEOs have a contractual requirement to have an appraisal meeting at least annually. This allows two way feedback from employees to managers and leaders, for targets to be established and agreed, linked to organisational objectives. Establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) targets is key to forming the basis for measuring progress and outcomes.

This is particularly relevant where performance is related to pay (PRP) as there needs to be fairness and parity with other post-holders. Personal or professional development needs will be identified, agreed and actioned to maintain a high level of performance.

It is for the senior politicians to decide on the broad principles of the appraisal and on who should be involved in the process although guidance is provided in the relevant conditions of service or organisational policies.

There are a range of methods to gather structured comments internally and externally to contribute constructively to this process, as well as involvement with members.

External independent support is identified as good practice to facilitate the appraisal and provide impartial advice to both parties. Preparation is important prior to and during the appraisal meeting with relevant documents being shared in advance to form the basis for discussions around progress, challenges, achievements and for future targets being agreed.

Under the terms of the JNC agreement for Chief Executives it is an obligation for both the council and Chief Executive to engage in regular appraisals.

This service is part of the County and Unitary SEE membership.

How we can help

We recommend a pre-appraisal meeting with panel members to shape the meeting going forward and ensure all parties are clear about their role and responsibilities. There will also be a pre-appraisal conversation with the CEO.

We will attend the appraisal meeting to provide independence and respond to any questions about process. We will take notes of the discussions and record key actions ready to draft the report including objectives and actions. This will be agreed with the CEO and Leader prior to being finalised, then shared with the panel members for information.  This document will form the basis for discussions at the next appraisal meeting or progress review meeting.

For more information or further details please contact Jennifer McNeill – Jennifer@seemp.co.uk – or use the contact form below.

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If you want to find out more about Chief Executive Appraisals please get in touch using the contact form, or by emailing info@seemp.co.uk

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