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Looking for some new ideas on how to support your new and existing councillors?

We can provide comprehensive support. We understand the changing political landscape and have extensive experience in supporting both Cabinet, Scrutiny and the community leadership role of councillors. We can support the development and delivery of your councillor development programme.

Key areas of support can include:

  • The Charter for Elected Member Development
  • Cabinet development
  • Overview and scrutiny
  • Personal development planning for councillors
  • Community leadership
  • Personal skills development including: chairing, public speaking, presentation, scrutiny
  • Mentoring, coaching, review and evaluation of overview and scrutiny chairs, officers and process

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, or for more information about our courses, contact Mark Palmer to discuss how we can support your authority.

Training courses

Leading and Chairing Scrutiny

Overview and scrutiny is a challenging but rewarding role. This one-day workshop will provide current and potential chairs of scrutiny with the knowledge and skills to undertake the role successfully. The workshop will consider all aspects of the Chair and Vice Chair’s role to support scrutiny improvement and enhance performance.   The objectives of this course are:

  • To provide members with an oversight of the leadership role of overview and scrutiny
  • To develop and prioritise the scrutiny work programme
  • To prioritise and project scope an in-depth scrutiny investigation/review
  • To engage public and partners in the work of scrutiny
  • To be able to exercise influence
  • How to effectively plan and structure the committee/panel questions
  • Making evidence-based recommendations.

Facilitator – Mark Palmer, Development Director, SEE   For further information or to schedule a course for your organisation, contact Mark Palmer.

Personal Development Planning for Councillors
What is personal development planning and review?

Personal development planning and review takes place with dedicated mentoring support and helps individual members:

  • identify gaps in knowledge and skills, and assess leadership skills and development needs
  • Make conscious decisions about how to close those gaps
  • Outline the potential learning and development opportunities that will enhance members’ performance

Structured personal development planning and review linked to a leadership development audit assists individual councillors to identify their own development requirements and draw up a realistic plan of action to meet those needs. Personal development review also enables the council to contribute to an elected member’s development in key areas to assist in confidence building and developing future competence. Recent clients include the London Borough of Brent and Brighton & Hove City Council.

Wanted to pass on thanks and good wishes from members last night. They really appreciated the mentoring presentation. The Leader said that it was v well received.
Political Skills Self-Assessment

SEE offers a new Political Skills Self-Assessment tool for measuring councillors’ skills against the LGA Political Skills Framework. For more information or to schedule coaching for your authority, contact Mark Palmer.

Scrutiny Skills

This is a practical session designed to help councillors develop the skills they need to be effective members of overview and scrutiny committees and panels. Participants will be encouraged to develop their expertise in a range of techniques to support a useful and successful scrutiny function. By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Chair scrutiny meetings
  • Use a range of questioning techniques
  • Understand their role as influencers and be able to use influencing skills
  • Evaluate evidence and sources of evidence
  • Effectively project-manage and scope an in-depth review or investigation

The course will consist of some input (around 20-25 minutes) from the facilitator and a number of group discussions and practical exercises. Participants will be encouraged to draw up an action plan to apply some of the skills and knowledge learnt.

Just a quick line to say thank you for that brilliant Scrutiny Training you did on Tuesday evening. It was well received by all those present and really got them thinking about their role

Facilitator – Mark Palmer, Development Director, SEE. For more information or to schedule a course for your organisation, contact Mark Palmer.


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