Chartered Fellow CIPD, MBA (Political Leadership)

With a focus on leadership and organisational development initiatives, Mark heads the Development Team of South East Employers and has a lead role in the facilitation and delivery of programmes to enhance effective governance, scrutiny and accountability. Specialising in effective governance, political leadership and change management he is a strong advocate of local democracy and has extensive experience working with councillors. He also leads the implementation of the LGA Charter for Elected Member Development across the South East, East of England, London and Northern Ireland.

Mark also leads on consultancy assignments to support local democracy and effective governance including cabinet and overview and scrutiny development, performance and improvement, community leadership and political awareness. He also chairs and supports a number of Independent Remuneration Panels in respect of members’ allowances across the South East and East, including Southampton CC, Medway, Hart, Elmbridge, South Oxford, Swale, Kings Lynn, Epsom, Winchester and Maidstone Councils.

A current focus of Mark’s support to Councils includes developing manager’s political skills and ‘political astuteness’; to be able to work effectively in the political environment and get the most from the councillor-officer relationship.

Mark is a Senior Research Associate at the Local Government Centre, University of Warwick and was one of the facilitators on the Local Government Association (LGA) Leadership Academy. He has also supported a number of LGA/IDeA Peer Improvement Reviews. Mark also supports councillors through 1-1 mentoring/coaching.

Mark also has a key role in improvement initiatives and recently managed a Local Government improvement programme to support strategic partnership working across the South East.

Mark has experience of working in local government at county (North Yorkshire CC), national (COSLA) and regional level and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CFCIPD) and has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA Public) specialising in political leadership and strategic change management. Mark completed his research dissertation focusing on directly elected political leadership and the current and future impact of the mayoral model of local governance.

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