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Leadership behaviours for managing and motivating hybrid teams

This workshop examines how the effective management and motivation of hybrid working teams in these unique and challenging times of COVID-19 is fundamental to continued organisational success. This session is extremely popular and is limited to 22 delegates per session.

Module 1: Ground Rules for Effective Communication – why we need to effectively communicate within mixed work location teams. This section examines the need to move away from managing by presence to managing by outcome, and make effective communication everyone’s responsibility.

Module 2: Building and Maintaining Positivity in the Workplace – Ensuring staff members remain positive and focused in any working environment by employing positive practical solutions. Positivity in the workplace significantly increases the team’s ability to deal with challenges.

Module 3: Goal setting and Routine – This section examines providing effective direction on workload planning and prioritisation, managing our workloads in both the office and the remote working environment, and effectively focusing on getting key tasks completed in a planned way in the hybrid working environment. This section also explores how to use your time to the best advantage and how to avoid fatigue and burnout.

Module 4: Maintaining Team Cohesiveness – This section examines the ways in which we can maintain team cohesiveness, particularly over the long term, when leading a hybrid working team.

Module 5: Dealing With Organisational Change as a result of COVID 19 – This section explores the COVID-19 challenges we have faced and the new working environment, and how we can build our individual resilience and teams resilience in times of change.

Module 6: Emotional Wellbeing now and in the post COVID-19 Workplace – How guaranteeing the emotional wellbeing of our workforce is vital in the new working environment, through the application of local authority best practice employee assessments, risk assessments and appraisal and development templates and guidance.

Facilitator: David Leask, NEREO.


– £50 (+VAT) per person for SEE Member organisations

– £75 (+VAT) per person for Non-SEE member organisations

Please ensure you have read our Cancellation Policy before booking.





05 Aug 2021


9:30 am - 1:00 pm


South East Employers


South East Employers
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