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LGA Workforce: Early Careers strategy + T Levels Support Programme

The LGA Workforce team will be hosting an ‘Early Careers and T Level’ workshop that we would like to invite you to. During this workshop we will cover:

Early Careers strategy

We are currently developing our early careers resources that will be made available to councils. The aim is to support local authorities engage with young people and providers, and to promote the great opportunities in Local Government. We see this as a key way of promoting local government and developing a pipeline for the future workforce. Our current plans include: creating an early careers toolkit with a range of resources and information, virtual work experience, job profiles, lesson plans etc. We would be keen to hear what you are currently doing to engage young people, and also hear your ideas that you may want us to consider.

T Level Support Programme

The LGA will go through the benefits of supporting students with Industry Placements as part of their T Level. We will go into detail on what T Levels are, and how this can shape your early careers strategy. It will also be an opportunity to find out more about the LGA’s T Level Support Programme, which offers 5 days flexible support to councils in the planning and delivery of Industry Placements. Further information can be found here. You also have access to the T Levels Toolkit which can be found here.

Other support areas

We can also go through other support offers in relation to T Levels.

This virtual meeting will be hosted by David Drewry from the LGA.

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19 Aug 2022


9:30 am - 10:30 am




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