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Below you will find the latest updates regarding the 2024 – 2025 pay negotiations.

For details of earlier pay negotiations and to access the various pay and conditions documents please refer to the ‘Other Pay Resources’ section at the bottom of this page.

NJC for Local Government Services

29 February

The LGA have received from the NJC Trade Unions the following (link) 2024 pay claim for local government services (‘Green Book’) employees. Councils will be consulted on the unions’ claim (and the other pay claims, for Chf Execs, Chf Officers and Craftworkers) at online regional pay briefings scheduled to take place between 7 and 27 March. Register for the SE briefing now.

The NJC unions’ claim seeks:

  • An increase of at least £3,000 or 10 per cent (whichever is greater) on all spinal column points
  • Reviews of the gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps in local government
  • A two-hour reduction in the working week, with no detriment
  • An additional day of annual leave for personal or well-being purposes (with term-time only staff also receiving a full day rather than a pro rata amount, that they can use at any time, including term time)
  • A phased approach to reaching a minimum pay rate of £15 an hour in a maximum of two years, sooner if possible


NJC for Chief Officers

06 March 2024

The LGA have received from the JNC unions (GMB and UNISON) the attached 2024 pay claim for local authority Chief Officers. The claim is for:

  • An increase that is no less favourable to Chief Officers than the NJC claim (of 10 per cent or an equivalent lump sum) as a step towards pay restoration
  • Action to close the gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps
  • Joint work on model national overtime working and mental health policies.

Teachers in Residential Establishments

No updates currently.

Soulbury Committee

No updates available currently.

Fire & Rescue Services

8 May 2024

The National Employers for Fire & Rescue Services have made a pay offer to the employee side of the NJC for a four per cent rise to basic pay, to extend occupational maternity pay to 26 week’s at full-pay and to enhance the retainer fee structure for on-call firefighters (from January 2025). The Fire Brigades Union will now consult with members.

Police Staff

No updates available currently.

JNC for Chief Executives

19 February 2024

The LGA have received a 2024 pay claim from ALACE. Councils will be briefed on this claim at the regional pay consultation briefings, scheduled to take place between 7 and 27 March.

The claim seeks:

  • a pay increase for all chief executives in April 2024 and subsequent years that is the same as the percentage increase for the top point on the scale for local government staff covered by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services. (NB: if the pay offer is expressed in £s rather than a percentage for the NJC scale, we are seeking a pay increase for chief executives that is not less than the percentage increase for the top point on the NJC scale. To provide a worked example of what we are seeking: if the pay increase for NJC staff in April 2024 is £1000, it would represent a 1.94% increase for staff on spinal column point 43 (£51,515). In that scenario we would expect the pay offer for chief executives to be 1.94%.
  • a direct and immutable link for increases for April 2024 onwards, to ensure that chief executives would receive the same percentage increase as the top point on the NJC scale.
  • the potential need to review the provision that the leave allowance for chief executives is a minimum of 30 days (inclusive of any long service leave, extra statutory and local holidays). If the 2024 pay deal for NJC staff involves any further increase in annual leave, we would expect to see a matching increase in the minimum leave allowance for chief executives.

Separate pay claims have not yet been submitted by the Staff Sides representing NJC local government services (‘Green Book’), JNC Craftworkers (‘Red Book’) and JNC Chief Officers.

Teachers - STPCD

No updates available currently.

JNC for Craft Workers

04 March

Pay 2024: JNC Craft ‘Red Book’ pay claim

The LGA received from the JNC Craft Trade Unions (Unite and GMB) the attached 2024 pay claim for local authority Craftworker (‘Red Book’) employees. The claim is for:

  • A 10 per cent or £3,000 increase in pay (flat-rate to increase with inner and outer London figures as a percentage)
  • A reduction of the working week to 35 hours with no loss of pay, and a reduction to 34 hours a week in London. A pilot scheme to be implemented across several authorities across England and Wales
  • An increase of two days annual leave days for all employees
  • A substantial additional increase in the tool allowances to at least make them competitive with the craftworker rate in the Republic of Ireland
  • For the Employer Side to negotiate over the introduction of a fair level of tool insurance cover as a Red Book requirement
  • Introduction of a use of technology allowance for all staff who are required to use home energy
  • A national agreement on use of technology, setting out a policy that all authorities must use as a minimum.

JNC for Youth and Community Workers

No updates available currently.


No updates available currently.

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