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NJC for Local Government Services

27 July 2021

Employers make final pay offer to Unions

On 27 July, the National Employers made a final pay offer of 1.75 per cent for all staff covered by the National Joint Council for local government services (‘Green Book’), with the exception of pay point 1 where the offer is 2.75 per cent. The offer also includes proposals on producing joint guidance on homeworking; mental health support; and the national maternity scheme. Pay offers have also been made to council Chief Executives (1.5 per cent), Chief Officers (1.5 per cent) and Craftworkers (1.75 per cent). 

14 May 2021

The National Employers have today made a pay offer in respect of staff covered by the local government services (‘Green Book’) NJC. Details are set out in the following circular – Pay update – 14 May 2021.

The National Employers have informed the staff sides of the other bargaining groups for which they have responsibility that they will not be able to respond to their respective pay claims until the main NJC pay agreement has been settled.

National Employers to JNC for Chief Officers of Local Authorities

National Employers to Trade Union

National Employers to JNC for Chief Executives

19 March 2021

Yesterday, the SE Regional Pay Briefing, led by Harry Honnor, Senior Advisor (Workforce & Negotiations), LGA, was held seeking the views of our councils on the various elements of the Trade Unions’ Pay Claim. Ours was the ninth of 11 such sessions and the evidence gathered from the briefings, combined with additional information gathered by the Regional Employers Organisations, will be presented to the National Employers on 31 March 2021.

Work will then start in mid-April, after the Easter Break, on preparing an offer with the aim of making the offer to the Trade Unions mid to late May.

16 February 2021

The NJC unions (UNISON, GMB and Unite) have lodged pay and T&Cs claims for local government (‘Green Book’) staff for 2021 which seek:

  • A substantial increase with a minimum of 10% on all spinal column points
  • Introduction of a homeworking allowance for all staff who are working from home
  • A national minimum agreement on homeworking policies for all councils
  • A reduction of the working week to 35 hours with no loss of pay, and a reduction to 34 hours a week in London. Part-time staff to be given a choice of a pro rata reduction, or retaining the same hours and being paid a higher percentage of FTE
  • A minimum of 25 days annual leave, plus public holidays and statutory days, for all starting employees, plus an extra day holiday on all other holiday rates that depend on service
  • An agreement on a best practice national programme of mental health support for all local authorities and school staff
  • A joint review of job descriptions, routes for career developments and pay banding for school support staff, and completion of the outstanding work of the joint term-time only review group
  • A joint review of the provisions in the Green Book for maternity / paternity / shared parental / adoption leave

The National Employers will be meeting later this week for an initial discussion. Councils will be consulted during March at the usual round of [virtual] regional pay consultation briefings. The National Employers will then consider feedback from those events before responding formally to the unions on a date yet to be agreed, possibly in April or May.


NJC T&Cs claim 2021

NJC Pay Claim 2021


JNC for Chief Executives
27 July 2021

Chief Executive Pay Offer 2021 letter

15 April 2021

JNC Circular – Model Procedure Structures

On 15 April a circular about structures required to manage model disciplinary procedures per JNC Conditions of Service was circulated. It is similar to the circular issued in 2019, however, it appears there have been instances of the structures/committees not being in place when a disciplinary matter has arisen which has caused delays or complications in getting investigations underway

19 March 2021

The Regional Pay Briefing Session was held yesterday. The evidence collected during this session, combined with survey evidence collated by the Regional Employers Organisations, will be presented to the NJC National Employers on 31 March 2021. It is anticipated that an offer will not be made until mid to late May at the earliest.

8 March 2021

Pay claim received by National Employers from ALACE today. This seeks parity with any headline increase that might be agreed for the main bulk of local government staff covered by the ‘Green Book’ NJC. Therefore, a pay offer will not be made for Chief Executives until after the NJC offer is made.

Download the ALACE pay claim letter


JNC for Chief Officers
27 July 2021

Chief Officer Pay Offer letter 2021

26 APRIL 2021

The unions representing local authority chief officers have lodged a pay claim for 2021 which seeks parity with any pay award reached for the main bulk of staff covered by the ‘Green Book’ NJC. The National Employers will respond in due course. 

31 March 2021

The LGA have received a pay claim for Chief Officers which seeks:

A substantial increase on all salaries and relevant allowances
We note the claim for a substantial increase with a minimum of 10% on all spinal column points made by the Staff Side of the NJC for Local Government Services, and we expect parity of treatment for all local government employees.

The National Employers will consider this claim and respond formally to the unions in due course. Download and read the pay claim below:

Chf Officer pay claim 2021 31 Mar21


19 March 2021

A pay claim has not yet been received in respect of this group of staff. However, it is anticipated that the claim will align with the claim subitted on behalf of Chief Executives which requests an award in line with the award made to the NJC for Local Government Services (Green Book).

The Regaional Pay Briefing took place yesterday, with the aim of gathering evidence for the NJC for LGS National Employers who are due to meet to receive this evidence on 31 March 2021. It is anticipated that an offer will not be made until mid to late May at the earliest.

An offer for Chief Officers will be made in due course.


Teachers - STPCD
School teachers’ pay and conditions

Following the Government announcement that with a few exceptions, public sector pay will be frozen this year, the STRB remit for the STPCD 2021 is quite narrow.

With respect to pay, the £250 for those earning less than £24,000 FTE will be applied in September 2021.

STRB Remit Letter

Written evidence was submitted earlier this year. Oral hearings were to be held remotely in mid to late March.

We anticipate the DfE to be in a position to consult on the draft STPCD in July.

Teachers in Residential Establishments

A pay claim has not yet been received for 2021-22 for Orange Book employees.

However, allowances, with the exception of Sleeping in Duty allowance, are uplifted in line with the allowances set out in the STPCD. The Sleeping in Duty allowance is uplifted in line with the NJC for Local Government Services (Green Book).


JNC for Craft Workers

27 July 2021

Craftworker Pay Offer letter 2021

23 March 2021

The pay claim for Craft Workers (Red Book) has been received. It includes the key points submitted for the NJC for LGS (Green Book) and seeks:

  • A 10% increase across all pay rates and allowances
  • An increase in Grade and recognition for craft operatives that regularly use additional skills to support employer business needs
  • A substantial increase in stand-by payments
  • Reduction in the working week to 35hr with no loss of pay
  • Extra day of annual leave entitlement
  • Recognition of the increased use of technology supported by an additional payment
  • Modernisation of tool allowance to accurately reflect the cost of tools provided by the worker – or all tools must be provided by the employer
  • Increase in tool insurance to reflect the actual cost of replacing tools
  • Maintenance of the Red Book Agreement
  • Commitment to insourcing of work and implementation of the Construction Charter

As usual, the Red Book pay offer is reliant on the conclusion of the Green Book negotiations. We therefore, do not expect any movement on this until mid to late May at the earliest.


Soulbury Committee

A pay claim has not yet been received for 2021 – 2022.

JNC for Youth and Community Workers

A pay claim has not yet been received from the unions representing those covered by the Pink Book terms and conditions for youth and community workers.

June 2021


The LGA have received a pay and conditions claim for this year from the Staff Side which includes key elements (below) on which they would welcome the comments and views of local authorities and voluntary sector organisations:

  1. A 10% increase across all grades;
  2. Address work-life balance and time off in lieu – by making the current guidance on work-life balance (for reference – JNC YCW Guidance on Work Life Balance) mandatory, to ensure compensatory leave (TOIL) is always accrued for extra hours worked;
  3. Each working week should contain two consecutive days that are designated as non-working days. Any TOIL for residential work will be completely separate from these designated non-working days;
  4. Formally define an evening session as any session that finishes after 6pm;
  5. Move to a 35-hour working week without loss of pay – with sufficient time for planning and admin;
  6. Joint work on race and gender pay gaps in youth work.

The LGA would like to undertake a consultation of local authorities and voluntary organisations through you, partly because this may enable them to receive a better response. Please send an email to by Thursday 15 July.

February 2021

Joint Education Services circular (JESC) No 221 – The JNC has agreed to undertake a joint workforce survey

Fire & Rescue Services

June 2021

Pay Award – senior fire officers

The National Joint Council for Brigade Managers is a UK-wide negotiating body for senior fire service managers such as chief fire officers, deputy chief fire officers and assistant chief fire officers. The LGA have announced the 2021 pay award for this group has now been agreed with an increase of 1.5 per cent to be applied to basic pay.


June 2021

In response to a pay claim for 2021 through the National Joint Council for Brigade Managers which covers chief fire officers as well as deputy and assistant chief fire officers, the employers’ have offered a 1.5% increase on basic pay. The staff side is considering the offer.

No pay claim has been received with regards to those employed on Gold or Grey Book terms and conditions. The Government’s Public Sector Pay Policy announcing a pay freeze this year but awarding £250 for those earning under £24,000 FTE will apply.


March 2021

A pay claim has not been received in respect to this workforce group. The Government’s public sector pay freeze policy will apply and the award of £250 for those earning less than £24,000 FTE will be implemented.

Police Staff

No pay claim has been received with regards to Police Staff for 2021-2022.

Police Staff Council circulars can be found on the Police Staff Council page on the LGA website.

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