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Political landscape in the South-East

Updated 07 May 2024


With 70 councils in the south-east region, there can be elections most years.  At SEE, we keep track of that changing Political landscape in the South-East year by year.

We issue a summary each year of the number of seats by party in each council which you can view by clicking on the link below.

Below you can see a graphs showing the change of the political parties and Political landscape in the South East.

Council political makeup - spreadsheet

Click to download a comprehensive spreadsheet of the political makeup of South East after the May 2024 local elections.

Map of the South East Region copyright South East Employers

Political makeup of South East England region councils as of May 2024

Map of the SE coloured in party colours to show the political control in the South East.
Line graph of number of Councillors in the South East
Pie chart showing political control of councils

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