VacancyGovernance, Development and Consultancy Manager

Job Title:Governance, Development and Consultancy Manager
Salary:In excess of £50k
Responsible for:Supporting the leadership, organisational development, and Councillor development priority.
Responsible to:Director: Development and Governance

How to Apply

To apply email your CV along with a covering letter no later than 08 April 2024 to


South East Employers (SEE) is a regional employers’ organisation for local government.  We are independent, member-led and not-for-profit, specialising in local government, working in partnership with other public sector organisations and the private and voluntary sectors.

The South East is the largest of the 9 regions in England with 70 local authorities (County, Unitary and District Councils), serving a population of over 9.2 million people. SEE provides value-added advice and consultancy support to local authorities in their capacity as employers leading and managing diverse and multi-skilled workforces providing services to their communities, undertaking their democratic function, responding to local and national change agendas and challenges. 

Membership of SEE is voluntary and we currently have membership rate of approximately 55-60%. In addition, to larger councils, we have in membership over 100 smaller employers including fire and rescue services, parish and town councils, housing associations, colleges, universities, and charities. 


  • Improve the satisfaction of Councils and partners with SEE.
  • Support the growth in the membership of SEE.
  • Develop and mobilise new training and development products to grow the SEE consultancy and membership offer.
  • Increase the take up of established training and development products.
  • Support the achievement of ambitious income targets for your business plan area to ensure on-going financial sustainability of SEE.



  • Build relationships with the regions Councils, the Local Government Association (LGA), other national bodies, Regional Employers, external partners, and agencies, to support public sector improvement in the areas of organisational development and governance.
  • Work closely with the leadership team of SEE to ensure we deliver a quality service to all of our members and customers to protect and retain core business and to support new business activity.
  • Implement business plan priorities and commercial objectives, through mobilising new opportunities for growth to support achieving ambitious income targets to ensure on-going financial sustainability of SEE.
  • Work flexibly with the Director and Associate consultants working on the priority area, to ensure the SEE Membership offer and training and development services are high quality, accessible and timely.



SEE Structure chart which represents rolls as cogs


  1. Strategic Development

Support the delivery of the Organisational Leadership, Development and Councillor Development strategic priority agenda area ensuring the established SEE offer continues to be developed and expanded to ensure its relevance to Senior executives and Councillors and leaders in other public sector organisations and is marketed and promoted to build reputation and grow uptake and income.

Contribute to the Leadership, OD and Councillor Development website content to ensure it reflects latest developments and provides proactive advice and support to customers.

  1. Member Services

Through the delivery of SEE Membership offer develop resources, facilitate networks and webinars to demonstrably contribute to improvement in local government in the region and further build the reputation of SEE as an invaluable and trusted partner and as a centre of excellence for the advice and services provided.

Support the annual engagement programme and conference programme for Members.

Support the development of the SEE Associates, providing information relevant to any work they are commissioned to undertake.

Contribute to SEE’s Newsletter content to ensure our customers are kept informed of SEE’s services and developments.

  1. Product and Service Development

Develop resources, including new training and development programmes to build and strengthen the SEE offer across a breadth of LA areas.

Identify any opportunities to partner in new developments and pilot activity in support of business plan objectives.

Implement a robust evaluation process to ensure that the impact of any activity is consistently and comprehensively reviewed to ensure continual improvement to content and resources.

  1. Professional Consultancy and Training

Support the Director in the delivery of the programme that contributes to the income earnings target for the Leadership, Organisational Development (OD) and Councillor Development area by undertaking fee-earning consultancy assignments for clients, including, but not limited to, leadership, governance, political astuteness and other training and development programmes.

Research and identify potential for accessing any external funding to support development or consultancy support.

  1. Relationships Management

As an ambassador for SEE and the public sector, work with Council Leaders, Officers and Politicians, representatives of partner organisations including Association Democratic Services Officers (ADSO) and Centre for Governance Scrutiny (CfGS), and regional employer colleagues to raise the profile and role of SEE as a valued partner in influencing and shaping good practice. Develop new partnerships and relationships that are valuable to the organisation and to the effective delivery of this role.

  1. Intelligence and Insight Development

Support the work of the Business Manager in building the intelligence bank of SEE to ensure information on Council’s, their political make-up, issues, key personnel, quotes for work and services delivered is captured and shared. Work in partnership with the Employment Insight Manager, to analyse the take up of SEE offer to enable more impactful targeting of engagement, marketing, and communications.

Support the Director to build insights into the issues facing local government nationally and regionally with members and across the SEE Executive and team.

  1. Organisational responsibilities

Actively comply with, and promote, the Fairness and Dignity at Work Policy. Be knowledgeable of, and comply with, Health and Safety policies, data protection legislation, procedures, and responsibilities regarding safe and secure working practices to meet statutory obligations and good employment practice.



The organisation has 38 local authority member and 50 associate member organisations. Our ambition is to grow our membership base. As a member of the corporate leadership team, you are required to build and manage positive and impactful relationships with the following internal and external stakeholders and partners:


  • Chief Executive
  • Directors (corporate leadership team of SEE)
  • SEE team
  • SEE Business Associates


  • Senior Leadership Teams and Executive and Statutory Officers inc Monitoring and Democratic Services Officers
  • Professional groups, agencies, partners and service providers across the south east
  • Employers Organisations across other UK regions
  • LGA and government departments
  • Association of Democratic Services Officers (ADSO)
  • ­­Contractors and suppliers



The conditions of service are as set out in the SEE staff handbook, amended as required by SEE.

Office and working pattern: The registered office is in Winchester, but the SEE team mainly work remotely via M/S Teams meetings, with some attendance in Winchester at the discretion of the Chief Executive.

Travel: Travel will be reimbursed in line with the HMRC travel rates.

Hours: The post holder will be required to work hours necessary to complete the priorities of the organisation.

Leave: 23 days per annum, plus 2 statutory days to be taken between Christmas and New Year plus bank holidays. Candidates with 5 years plus eligible continuous service commence on 26 days per annum.

Probation: The post will be subject to a probation period of 6 months’ satisfactory service.

Closing date: 8 April 2024

Interviews: TBC

To apply please email your CV and a covering letter to

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