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September 2021

Final deadlone for the Pay and Benefits, and Human Capital Metrics surveys is 30 September 2021. Please complete these if you are able. SEE can help upload your data as long as you supply the completed survey (templates available to download on InfiniStats).

Full schedule for surveys released:

Survey titleSummarySurvey start dateDeadline for return
Human Capital Metrics Staff Nos, diversity, sickness absence, length of service etc 3 May 2021 
(collecting 2020-21 data) 
30 September 2021 
CO Pay & Benefits Pay and Benefits of Chief Officers by occupational category and level 10 May 2021 
(collecting data as at 1 April 2021) 
30 September 2021 
Pay & Benefits (SW) Pay-ranges, benefits + recruitment/retention difficulty for SW job families 10 May 2021 
(collecting data as at 1 April 2021) 
30 September 2021 
Pay & Benefits (exc SW) Pay-ranges, benefits + R&R difficulty for key job families 10 May 2021 
(collecting data as at 1 April 2021) 
30 September 2021 
TU Membership and Facilities Time TU Membership numbers, & paid Branch Officers 20 September 2021 (collecting current data) 29 October 2021 
Gender Pay Gap Same GPG data as entered onto by 5 Oct 2021 InfiniStats will upload from data n/a 
Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions in place and changes being considered. 18 October 2021  
(snapshot of current data at the time of the survey) 
26 November 2021 
HR Outputs HR Casework, recruitment, training course attendance data, appraisals etc. 29 November 2021 (collecting 2020-21 data) 21 January 2022 
HR Resources 
HR team FTEs, HR/Payroll systems computer apps and external providers. 21 February 2022 (snapshot of current data at the time of the survey) 1 April 2022 
Analysis of DfE CSW data CSW numbers, turnover, agency use etc. 21 February 2022 (snapshot of current data at the time of the survey) n/a


May 2021 

The 2020-21 Human Capital Metrics Survey will soon open on for completion. This survey covers headcount and fte numbers, diversity, sickness, turnover and length of service. All surveys exclude schools’ employees. The period of the survey is 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

Changes This Time 

  • The guidance for which employees to include in the survey responses has been tweaked following feedback from users. The new guidance is to provide data on permanent employees – exclude fixed-term contract employees (unless they have more than one year’s service), seasonal/casual employees and agency.
  • Covid-19, and Long Covid have been added as sickness reasons. Please provide data for these two new reasons if you have data recorded. If you have no data please leave these reasons blank.
  • The question on how many employees are male and how many female now uses the word sex in place of the word gender. This is a change in wording, please provide data in the same way as before by male, female or not known.

Please ensure that data is provided before, or at the latest by the deadline of 9 July 2021. So that benchmarking data available for the exceptional 2020-21 pandemic period as soon as possible. In particular the sickness by reason data is needed urgently to help boroughs assess the impact of Covid and the different working arrangements.

Once the survey is complete the results will be available online.

Questionnaire and guidance/definitions below:

HCM Survey Questionnaire May 2021

HCM definitions May 2021

Sickness mapping schedule

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