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InfiniStats is a secure and intelligent data repository accelerating accurate data collectionbenchmarking and reporting within organisations, for south east region councils replacing the now decommissioned Epaycheck. 

We have partnered with London Councils to offer a solution that will for the first time let south east councils benchmark themselves against each other and organisations across regions, including London

The surveys have been shaped over 20 years in consultation with Heads of HR of all the London boroughs, who meet regularly to discuss their needs. As a result, the surveys are relevant and reflect the real-life issues HR teams face.

Use of the system is via the InfiniStats website at Not only is this an opportunity to become part of the only Local Government specific benchmarking system, it also offers your organisation a data solution to store and interrogate your own data whenever you need. 

Benefits for you


  • InfiniStats helps you to sort your workforce data in a meaningful way to run reports about your own organisation
  • Gives you all the data for evidence-based strategic decision making
  • Reports and benchmarking against other councils for comparator purposes
  • One-click report generator
  • Once-click scorecard creation 
  • Saves time and money with its incredible reporting system
  • Potential to benchmark against councils in other regions, including London
  • Reports generated in your councils’ own branding – including logo and corporate colours
  • Epaycheck data can be uploaded directly into InfiniStats, and we can do that for you
  • Gender Pay Gap data is pulled from into InfiniStats for you
  • Many more job families than Epaycheck 
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of local authorities
  • Established and robust system used by all councils across London for the past 8/9 years
  • The more you put in the more benefits you will gain!


InfiniStats provides

“…shared knowledge; more efficient resource usage; evidence-base for interventions…”

Judges at PPMA awards

What does Infinistats actually do?

Like Epaycheck Infinistats is a benchmarking tool, but unlike Epaycheck it can do so much more, including generating reports at the click of a button, complete with your council logo and brand colours.


What will it involve for me?

Step 1

 Sign up. Email us or complete the form below to let us know you want to get the benefit of InfiniStats


Step 2

Send us a high resolution copy and corporate colours so we can ensure your one-click generate reports are fully branded

Step 3

Nominate your super user who will be responsible for adding additional users at your authority, giving you full control

Step 4

Send us your Epaycheck data and fill in surveys via an Excel spreadsheet (which we will send you)



Step 5

Upload your surveys to Infinistats where it is validated and stored with other responses (you can also amend your data directly within the website if that’s easier for you).

If you do not respond to a particular survey you are unable to report on it; only participatory councils have the ability to see others’ data which gives a greater degree of confidence in the quality of the data. The more you put in, the more you get out! 

There are currently up to 11 surveys included in the benchmarking offering, with the ability to easily add more as the demand arises.


What will I get out of Infinistats?

major benefit of InfiniStats is the range and quality of reports it provides, see below for more information.


With Infinistats you are able to generate fully branded reports to which you can add your own comments, or amend the generated commentary.

You can also chose the type of graph you wish to export your data to. 

This example shows the reporting council (in black) compared to others in the group:

Infinistats generated bar chart

Other formats of graph are available to suit your needs:

Inifinistats generated report with pie graphs and charts


A scorecard can also be generated, which could easily be incorporated into an annual report:

Infinistats generated scorecard

More about…

Salary benchmarking
The job families benchmarked so far include:
  • Social workers
  • Accountancy
  • Audit
  • Financial control
  • Departmental finance
  • Occupational therapy
  • Building control
  • Building surveying
  • Traffic and/or transport engineer
  • Environmental health
  • Trading standards
  • Planning development control
  • Regeneration planning
  • Payroll

For the full list of jobs/job families please click here.

Although there’s already a huge number of families available, the system can be tailored to add more where demand arises. Councils will be able to just complete which parts of the survey apply to them and benchmark themselves against other authorities of the same type. You can run these reports and tailor them to include your own commentary at any time, not just when the figures are available from the LGA or central government. And you can amend your data as and when you need to, to fit your own schedule.

Surveys available right now
  • Human capital metrics.  Collected annually, this covers basic information about headcount, salary costs, ethnic and gender breakdown, length of service, sickness absence, agency workers, and leavers 
  • HR outputs.  Collected annually, this covers numbers of cases managed by the HR team including recruitment, disciplinary, capability, training delivered and appraisals 
  • HR resources.  Collected annually, this covers the breakdown of staff by grade and department and whether functions are outsourced 
  • Terms and conditions.  Collected annually, this collects data on how authorities differ from terms outlined in the NJC Green Book national conditions 
  • Trade union membership.  Collected annually 
  • Trade union facility time.  Collected annually, this breaks down time spent by union and type of function 
  • Gender pay gap.  Councils can upload their report from, providing the facility to report against it and compare themselves to other authorities 
  • DfE annual CSW survey – still under development 
  • Agency social workers for Children’s and Adult Services 
  • Pay and benefits survey.  Collected annually, this is the survey which most closely corresponds to data previously collected in Epaycheck.  It includes much wider range of job families and covers minimum and maximum salary, recruitment and retention difficulties and any other allowances/bonus payments. 
  • Chief Officer pay and benefits, as above but also includes gender and ethnic make-up and a broader range of package benefits than Epaycheck 

Initially adopted by London Councils approximately 9 years ago, the Heads of HR from the 33 London Boroughs have worked together to develop Infinistats to proved a robust, efficient and useful resource. Infinistats collates information on a range of business critical data, including HR Metrics, TU Membership and Facilities Time, Gender Pay Gap as well as pay and benefits, and makes it easy to create your own progress scorecard. You can also create personalised comparison reports, where you choose who you compare your council to and snapshot graphics ready to be imported into your own reports or communications.

We ran a pilot in 2019 for seven councils who represented a cross section of authorities in our region, the trial of Infinistats used just three of the many surveys that could be made available in the future.

How much does Infinistats cost?

The annual cost of the service is dependent on whether you are a member or non-member, see below for the full costings for 2022/23.


  • In membership of SEE – £2,550
  • Not in membership – £3,978


  • In membership of SEE – £2,040
  • Not in membership – £2,958


  • In membership of SEE – £1,173
  • Not in membership – £1,938

Although the service will be available to all southeast region councils, an SEEsubsidised discount is made for councils in membership of us as part of your subscription. 

Included in the cost is tailoring the system with your logo and branding, and all the support and development you would need from SEE and the developers to ensure the system keeps meeting your needs.

Sign me up to Infinistats

If you want to sign up your authority to the Inifinistats benchmarking please get in touch today.

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