Our board

Our Executive Board is elected from the representatives of each of our full member councils.

Executive Board

Our Executive Board is chosen from representatives nominated by their councils.  The board is selected at the Annual General Meeting in July each year.

Headshot of Richard Burrett

Cllr Richard Burrett

West Sussex County Council

Chair, South East Employers

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Vice Chair

Ann-Marie Barker headshot

Cllr Ann-Marie Barker

Cllr John A Ward

Cllr John A Ward

Headshot of Paul Taylor

Cllr Paul Taylor

Jason Brock headshot

Cllr Jason Brock

Headshot of David Cornish

Cllr David Cornish

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SEE Representatives

Representatives are nominated for one year.  Nominations are invited from our member councils in May and June of each year.

Arun District Council
    • Cllr Francis Oppler
    • Cllr Jeanette Warr
Brighton & Hove City Council
    • Cllr Jacob Taylor
    • Cllr Ty Goddard
    • Cllr Alison Thompson
Canterbury City Council
    • Cllr Connie Nolan
    • Cllr Alan Baldock
    • Chichester District Council
Chichester District Council
    • Cllr Ian Ballantyne
East Hants District Council
    • Cllr Angela Glass
East Sussex County Council
    • Cllr Philip Lunn
Elmbridge Borough Council
    • Cllr Keith House
Fareham Borough Council
    • Cllr Simon Martin
Gosport Borough Council
    • Cllr David Shaw
Havant Council
    • Cllr Alex Rennie
Maidstone Borough Council
    • Cllr Clive English
Milton Keynes Council
    • Cllr Lauren Townsend
    • Cllr Alison Andrew
New Forest District Council
    • Cllr Jill Cleary
    • Cllr Jeremy Heron
Portsmouth City Council
    • Cllr Darren Sanders
    • Cllr Charlotte Gerade
Oxford City Council
    • Cllr Nigel Chapman
Oxfordshire County Council
    • Cllr Neil Fawcett
    • Cllr Nathan Ley
Reading Borough Council
    • Cllr Liz Terry
    • Cllr Jason Brock


Rother District Council
    • Cllr Doug Oliver
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Council
    • Cllr David Buckley
    • Cllr Neil Knowles
Runnymede Borough Council
    • Cllr Robert King
Rushmoor Borough Council
    • Cllr Jonathan Canty
Sevenoaks District Council
    • Cllr Kevin Maskell
Slough Borough Council
    • Cllr Wal Chahal
    • Cllr Nadeem Khawar
Spelthorne Borough Council
    • Cllr Sandra Dunn
Swale Borough Council
    • Cllr Tim Gibson
Test Valley Borough Council
    • Cllr Maureen Flood
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
    • Cllr Dianne Hill
Waverley Borough Council
    • Cllr Paul Follows
Wealden District Council
    • Cllr Greg Collins
West Berkshire Council
    • Cllr Jeff Brooks
    • Cllr Denise Gaines
West Sussex County Council
    • Cllr Richard Burrett
    • Cllr Steve Waight
    • Cllr Richard Cherry
Woking Borough Council
    • Cllr Ann-Marie Barker
Wokingham Borough Council
    • Cllr Clive Jones
    • Cllr Imogen Shepherd-DuBey

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