Appraisal skills for Councillors



2 – 3 hrs

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Councillors who undertake appraisals of senior managers in their organisation.



This 2-3 hour workshop, delivered by experienced practitioners, will give councillors the knowledge and confidence to undertake appraisals of senior managers in their organisation, from planning and preparation to the appraisal meeting.


Learning Outcomes

This workshop will enable councillors to:

  • Understand the importance of implementing a robust performance appraisal process and the councillor role
  • Be familiar with the appraisal process used in their organisation
  • Understand the planning and preparation required for appraisals
  • Be familiar with the documents used and how they will feed into the process
  • Make objective assessments of performance against defined criteria
  • Be confident in providing direct and indirect feedback constructively
  • Address performance that requires improvement or further development to maintain motivation and increase productivity
  • Set and agree goals with a clear understanding of expectations
  • Gain commitment and agreement to SMART objectives
  • Use effective questioning and active listening
  • Assess performance fairly
  • Be aware of pitfalls to avoid (employment legislation)



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