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The aim of this development programme is to equip managers with essential skills, confidence and competence to get the best from their teams and themselves by raising awareness, understanding and a person-centred style of leadership. This modular and practical programme will give managers a rounded approach to dealing with a variety of managerial situations in a style which delivers results by building trust and engagement.

We have designed this programme in either 3-hour modules, delivered using Zoom or full-day face to face sessions. Each module will flow and connect from one subject to another to help your managers gradually learn tools, techniques and strategies to successfully manage their direct reports with the confidence, competence and credibility to deal with challenging situations.

Each module will be delivered 3-5 weeks apart with activities and actions set for managers to practice techniques between modules. Each module will start with a review of learning and will end with actions to undertake.





Learning outcomes

 If managers attend all nine modules, they will:

  • Have a greater understanding and insight into the management and leadership roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Know the most appropriate style of management including coaching and mentoring skills, when to manage and when to lead
  • Know how to build successful teams by understanding team dynamics and how to build trust, motivation and team collaboration
  • Have a better understanding of their team, their personality preferences and their preferred ways of working and being managed
  • Know how to confidently communicate to avoid conflict situations
  • Be better equipped personally and professionally to manage different situations with confidence, competence and credibility



  1. Understanding Management and Leadership – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session
  2. Manager as Coach – Mentor – would benefit from an In Person session
  3. Who you are is how you manage – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session
  4. Delegating with confidence and structure – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session
  5. Building effective teams, focusing on Strengths – Suitable for a 3-hour virtual session
  6. Engaging and motivating the Team – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session. Can be combined with ‘Building effective teams’ for a full-day in person session.
  7. Managing resistance to change – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session.
  8. Giving constructive feedback – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session. Can be combined with either ‘Managing resistance to change’ or ‘Managing conflict and difficult conversations’ for a full-day in person session.
  9. Managing conflict and difficult conversations – suitable for a 3-hour virtual session.


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    On behalf of the whole team we’d like to that you so much for all your work. The sessions have exceeded our expectations and equipped us with so many of the tools we need to become better managers and leaders.

    Henley Town Council

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