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Monday 12 September

The Government has announced that there will be an additional bank holiday on Monday 19 September to mark the occasion of the State Funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabth II. 

The NJC have publlished this circular with full guidance on working arrangements for that day. 


Saturday 10 September

Following several requests from councillors to the LGA for information about procedures over the coming days, the Chairman Cllr James Jamieson has issued a short councillors’ briefing note outlining the steps councils will be taking during the national period of mourning.

Whilst outlining some of the expectations on councils, this briefing advises dialogue locally based on the guidance that was issued to chief executives in March this year. The exact actions that councils will take will vary from place to place depending on, for example, whether there is a Royal Palace within the locality or if locations are to host large-scale events, however, the briefing updates on some of the immediate steps councils will have taken since yesterday, including:

  • ensuring flags are lowered (and subsequently dealt with in accordance with government guidance during the national period of mourning)
  • making available books of condolence for members of the public to sign
  • ensuring there is an area where floral tributes can be left (and subsequently assure these are removed sensitively)
  • having made a statement expressing the council’s deep regret.


    Friday 09 September

    We are awaiting guidance from the Government regarding possible changes to working arrangements on the day of the late Queen’s funeral. Once we have guidance we will update here.

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