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Recruitment isn’t just about getting new people in, it’s about getting the right person in the right place at the right time. This is just as important in a restructure, or when thinking about promoting from within as it is when you have a vacancy that you’re looking to fill externally.

Getting the ‘who to appoint?’ decision wrong can be a costly mistake, not just because it costs an estimated £10,000 to recruit and train a new starter, and that’s on top of their salary and on-costs. The damage to morale and effectiveness of the business, the cost of managing that individual to either meet the standards required or exit them from the organisation and any associated settlement payments can all add up.

Our experienced consultants can help you at every step of the recruitment process from helping to write a meaningful job description, person specification and recruitment advert or fully designed recruitment pack, through long and short listing, to sitting as a member of the interview panel and drafting an offer letter and contract of employment. We can also supply Credo personality tests to help you identify an individual’s preferences, motivational drivers and likely behaviours in the workplace. 

We also work with a number of Fire and Rescue Authorities across the country to sift firefighter applications.

So whatever your recruitment needs please get in touch with our Employment Team to discuss how we can help you.

Credo Personality TestMaking sense of human behaviour in the workplace

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oCredo is a distinctive personality measure for all stages in the employee lifecycle. It can help pinpoint those that will thrive in your organisation and provides support for ongoing development.

Credo identifies an individual’s preferences, motivational drivers and likely behaviours in the workplace, and outlines the implications in a work context.

The questionnaire is strong on personality traits such as assertiveness, emotional intelligence and resilience to stress, and is able to detect signs of burnout, obsessiveness and narcissism. The domains and competency clusters used here are:

Personal Domain:

  • Self-awareness Competency Cluster – includes: Emotional Self-awareness; Self-confidence and Accurate Self-assessment.
  • Self-management Competency Cluster – includes: Emotional Self-control; Optimism; Achievement Orientation; Forward Planning; Conscientiousness; Adaptability and Trustworthiness.

Inter-Personal Domain:

  • Social Awareness Competency Cluster – includes: Empathy; Interpersonal Openness; Organisational (‘political’) Awareness and Service Orientation.
  • Relationship Management Competency Cluster – includes: Persuasiveness; Conflict Management; Inspirational Leadership; Change Catalyst; Team Working and Open Communication.

The questionnaire responses are assessed and a report generated that will identify measurements that can be use against behavioural competencies.

These reports will provide a useful sifting tool for the recruitment panel to aid the selection process. The commentary from the reports will provide the panel with areas that can be further explored during the panel interview.

What we do

Before the interviews, and in addition to providing the interview panel with the Participant Reports, we will give a summary overview of the key elements of the profile for each participant focusing on:

  • leadership and influence
  • structure and compliance
  • resilience
  • relationship building
  • decision-making

We will provide the panel with areas in which to focus behavioural questions, relevant to this role and based on the outcomes of the individual inventories. The purpose being that these additional and individualised questions will enable the panel to probe further, and in more depth, into any areas of behavioural or attitudinal weakness or gaps displayed in the questionnaire reports. This will be in addition to the questions asked of all candidates relating to aspects of the role profile/person specification.

After the recruitment process has been completed, the Participant Reports can be provided to unsuccessful candidates as a useful basis for constructive feedback, together with other comments taken from the interview process itself. Additional benefits here are the opportunities for those individuals to gain a greater self-awareness for personal and career development, helping them identify areas for specific self-development in their job search or career path; and to assist the panel in providing feedback which is beneficial to the organisation reputationally.

In summary SEE will:

  • Provide, distribute and administer the Credo Personality Profile questionnaire via a unique link emailed direct to each participant providing instructions for completing.
  • Manage the process, receive the online responses and collate reports.
  • Provide nominated manager/panel member with the individuals’ reports highlighting areas of strength and areas for further development.
  • Provide copies of reports to the candidates after the selection process is concluded.
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout the process and compliant with GDPR and our Data Retention Policy.


  • Provide a summary of some key areas for review at interview with areas for probing questions for panel (additional cost).


£235 per person + VAT

Optional: provide a summary of some key areas for review at interview with areas for probing questions for panel – £45 per person +VAT

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