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What is SEGWARP?

South East Government Warning, Advisory and Reporting Point (SEGWARP) is one of a number of groups around the country designed to bring together information security officers from local government. The aim is to provide a one-stop shop for early warning, information sharing and best-practice advice around the latest cyber-security threats.

South East Employers runs SEGWARP in conjunction with a specialist WARP manager. We also have the co-operation of the LGA, other WARPs around the country, local resilience forums and specialist organisations such as the local Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU). Membership is open to all public sector organisations in our region. Current charges are:

Subscription cost


SEE Member organisations:

  • £603 per annum for district and borough councils
  • £926 for unitary councils and Blue Light services
  • £1560 for county councils

Non-member organisations:

  • £784 per annum for district and borough councils
  • £1,203 for unitary councils and Blue Light services
  • £2,028 for county councils

There is a 30% premium for organisations that are not in membership of SEE. We also welcome membership enquiries from any public-sector organisation in the south-east region. Please contact us to discuss membership rates.

For more information or to discuss joining SEGWARP, contact SEE

What does SEGWARP provide?

SEGWARP has 40 member authorities and the wider the reach, the better the information-sharing. The LGA is advising all local authorities to join a WARP, because the benefits of information sharing and support are clear in an increasingly IT-dependent, interconnected world.

SEGWARP comprises of the following elements:


SEGWARP members receive the latest news from the National Cyber Security Centre, technical press, police teams and Information Commissioner’s Office to help them keep on top of the ever-changing developments in security.


SEGWARP meets virtually (since COVID) over 12 sessions a year. Attendees are able to discuss their experiences and concerns in a confidential environment where no information will leave the room unless authorised by the speaker. In addition, guest presenters attend to highlight products and services that may enhance cyber-security processes and to share knowledge from outside the public sector.

Supported by SEE, the forums are run by members of the SEGWARP, to meet the needs and interests of its membership. This includes inputting into their content and management, including presenter topics and technical skills sessions offered by peers.


WARPs provide a confidential reporting point for information security-related incidents.


We know that issues and concerns don’t conveniently arise when you can discuss them face-to-face with peers. So we facilitate the asking of group questions or polls via a Slack workspace so that you can keep in touch with country-wide colleagues in a way that suits you.  The workspace is used by WARPs across the country including colleagues from the NHS, blue-light services, universities and housing associations, giving our members access to the most valued hive-mind possible.

Why do you need a WARP?

Keeping on top of the huge volume of system vulnerability information is very time-consuming. WARP offers members the opportunity to receive early-warning notifications. And, as importantly, the chance to come together to discuss challenges and share best practice in a confidential and trusted environment.

As IT becomes more cloud-based and a broader range of devices are used, it’s all the more important to make all your staff aware of how to be vigilant to cyber-threats.  The LGA has produced a guide for councillors to explain the basics.

In summary, a WARP provides:

  • Safe space to talk and share with peers: support, advice
  • Access to information & knowledge: expert speakers from government and industry
  • Intelligence sharing: timely alerts on threats, incidents
  • Collaboration: projects and policy development
  • Representation – the collective voice

SEGWARP network meetings

SEGWARP has been meeting virtually, with a face-to-face once a year.

All members of SEGWARP are invited to participate but the confidential nature of meetings means that minutes cannot be shared outside this group. However, the broad outline of discussions has been.


See What Others Say About SEGWARP

Wealden District Council logo in white

Wealden District Council

network of contacts

I was initially reluctant to join the SEGWARP meetings, yet another round table group which would take up a day while I had ‘real’ work to do. But have found them to be very useful in gathering information from people in similar positions with near identical issues. I also have now network of contacts which I can draw on between meetings if problems arise. I would encourage anyone thinking of joining to seriously consider the benefits in can bring you and your organisation.

Guildford Borough Council logo in white

Guildford Borough Council

Highly Recommend

I have been attending the SEGWARP for several years now and have gained invaluable knowledge from attending these sessions. I now have contacts at the NCSC and SEROCU that I can contact for advice and guidance. I highly recommend joining the SEGWARP and renew my annual membership as a matter of course.

West Berkshire Council logo in white

West Berkshire Council

excellent way of sharing knowledge

West Berkshire Council has found this service invaluable – it is cost effective and brings all the alerts we need to be aware of into one place, as well as being assured of the source and relevance of the information. In these times of staff and budget cuts resulting in lack of time to keep up with important IT security changes/risks, the network meetings provide an excellent way of sharing knowledge and experiences as well as keeping up with current and future areas of concern. The ‘closed’ group is particularly useful for discussing concerns and identifying lessons learned from other LAs.

Reading Council logo in white

Reading Borough Council

early alerting and a summary of important security alerts

We consider the advisory notices received from SEGWARP an essential process within the Council’s overall Security Governance framework as it provides early alerting and a summary of important security alerts in an easily understood and prioritised form which the Council’s ICT Outsourced supplier also finds extremely useful in ensuring Security Compliance is maintained. We would encourage others to include SEGWARP as part of their own Security Governance processes.

Some helpful resources from the Regional Organised Crime Unit, to kickstart cyber-security conversations in your organisation.

LGA Case Study

Managing a Cyber Attack

The LGA produced a case study on managing a cyber attack against Gloucester City Council, two years after the attack took place. It includes a timeline of the attack, its impact, the recovery process, the cost of the incident, and the lessons learnt by the council.

Interested in joining SEGWARP?

If you want to find out more about SEGWARP and the benefits of joining, or enquire about fees contact us now. 

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