The British Chamber of Commerce have set up a commission to look at skills/training and workforce development – the Workplace Training & Development Commission . The commission is due to report in the summer and for the purpose of informing that report they are currently undertaking some research.

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They are very interested to hear a range of views from professional bodies, employers and other stakeholders and are requesting written submissions to a series of questions – see below.

If you are interested in responding to the commission, please note the deadline for submissions is the 3 February 2020 and are to be sent to Jane Gratton –   Tel: 020 7654 5800.

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British Chambers of Commerce

Workplace Training and Development Commission

Call For Evidence

The Commission is researching the barriers and opportunities for business investment in the training and development of adults in the workplace, over the age of 25 and at all skill levels. The inquiry will consider the interests of businesses of all sizes and sectors and across the United Kingdom, including devolved regions and nations. It will explore the role of central, devolved and local governments, chambers of commerce, training providers and employers in creating the optimal environment for workplace skills development.

The Commission aims to develop policy recommendations that are applicable and relevant to all parts of the UK, and spanning a 10 to 15 year timeframe, together with practical initiatives that can be implemented at a local level to support business in the training and up-skilling of the adult workforce.

The commission is inviting written submissions addressing any of the following questions:

1 What are businesses doing to identify and address the training and development needs of their workforce over the age of 25?

2 How are businesses planning for future skills needs that may result from changes in technology and processes, such as automation, robotics and artificial intelligence? Over what timescale?

  1. 3 Please share examples of best practice, and case studies, for business investment in training, upskilling and reskilling the workforce. What are the factors that make these examples so successful? What has been the impact of this investment? i. People with low levels of literacy, numeracy or basic digital skills1;
  2. ii. People with qualifications at a level typically gained at school by age 16;
  3. iii. People with qualifications at an intermediate or higher level, typically gained since leaving school2.

We are particularly interested in hearing what businesses are doing to support:

  1. 1 Level 2 or below i.e. non-GSCE standard
  2. 2 Level 3 + apprenticeships, A-Levels, Degrees, BTECs, HNDs etc
  3. What would incentivise businesses to invest more in workplace training?
  4. How can local government, training providers, Chambers of Commerce and other partners at a local level work together to improve workplace training and development? Where are there examples of best practice?
  5. What change in government policy (UK and/or devolved) could make the biggest difference to business investment in training and development?
  6. What changes in the existing education and skills system would better support business investment in workplace training?
  7. What lessons can we learn from other countries?

Inquiry Opens: 2 December 2019

Deadline for submissions: 3 February 2020.

Please respond to: Secretary, BCC Workplace Training and Development Commission,

65 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EU, E:, Tel: 020 7654 5800

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