With the end of Epaycheck drawing closer, SEE has been looking at alternatives to ensure our region continues to have access to valuable salary data. Our chosen solution, Infinistats, does so much more than salary benchmarking though.

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Initially adopted by London Councils approximately 6 years ago, the Heads of HR from the 33 London Boroughs have worked together to develop Infinistats to proved a robust, efficient and useful resource. Infinistats collates information on a range of business critical data, including HR Metrics, TU Membership and Facilities Time, Gender Pay Gap as well as pay and benefits, and makes it easy to create your own progress scorecard. You can also create personalised comparison reports, where you choose who you compare your council to and snapshot graphics ready to be imported into your own reports or communications.

We had a lot of interest in participating in the pilot and had to choose just seven councils. The pilot authorities, represent a cross section of authorities in our region, will trial Infinistats using just three of the many surveys that could be made available in the future.

We chose:

The Gender Pay Gap Survey – which collates the same data that you have to compile and submit to the Government Website
The HR Metrics survey – which collates a range of people metrics such as age profile, gender profile , sickness absence rates and turnover
The Pay Data Survey for General Workforce – as this most closely aligns to what Epaycheck used to provide.

The pilot authorities will upload data to these three surveys, identifying any teething problems in this recently expanded system. We anticipate that they system will be ready for roll out to our other councils in April 2020 and we will gradually add different surveys and functionality to maximise benefits.

If you are keen to be an early adopter once the pilot phase has concluded please email us at benchmarking@seemp.co.uk

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