Mediation and conflict resolution in the workplace

(Optional) ILM Certificate




3 days

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Jennifer McNeill


This course is held in-person


Line managers, HR professionals and Trade Union representatives



Delivered by experienced practitioners, this intensive and practical course will develop your confidence and skills to deal with a range of conflict situations in the workplace from addressing low level issues quickly through to undertaking a mediation intervention, following the Acas mediation model.

Forms the basis for coaching others in taking forward practical skills and strategies in dealing with conflict situations

This ILM programme offers an option to complete assignments post training for ILM certification.


Learning Outcomes

  • Benefits of dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • Benefits of dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • Signs, causes and effects of conflict
  • Skills and behaviours for dealing with conflict effectively
  • Tools and strategies for a mediator
  • Role of mediation in dealing with conflict
  • Good practice and standards
  • The Mediation Model (Acas)
  • Practising mediation
  • Mediation strategies
  • Equality and diversity issues

Learners are encouraged to view each other as a valuable source of knowledge and support and it is strongly suggested that they maintain their network when back in the workplace.  

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